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So many people like it when sex goes extreme! This “extreme” can refer to anything really. Inside 21 Sextreme, you will be rubbing your member from the moment you login until you leave! That is somewhat extreme, right?

Anyway, 21 Sextreme is really a network of sorts that has seventeen other sites. These sites cover a wide selection of niches. The guys who came up with this network call it the rival twin of the 21 Sextury Network. While this network only zooms in on mainstream hardcore porn, the other twin sibling has only extreme action in mind!

Your kink radar will be blaring all the time when you check out what these guys have to offer. Niches inside include action like anal, fisting, toy play, mature vs. teen, milfs, shemales, gay, penetrations, insertions, pissing, orgies, dp, and so much more. If you want some samples of the action, you can check out the tour page.

The updating schedule employed by this network is almost on a daily basis. There have been 24 additions done in the past month. Currently they have 3529+ scenes. You will have different sizes when it comes to the movies and streaming/ downloading capabilities. The High Definition movies are of course the best and there are plenty inside.

They have 3350+ galleries of models and fetish action from gals from all over Europe. The beauties are shockingly good at making men cum and there are different ages from teen to milfs, to mature (grandma like) punany.

Just look at some of the names of the sites inside this network, DOMINATED GIRLS, TEACH ME FISTING, OLD YOUNG LESBIAN LOVE, and so on. Browsing the action is simple since you have various options available. Go from site-to-site, search using the search engine, or search according to criteria you want!

Membership here means some bonus sites are also available. These sites may be a bit “ordinary porn type” compared to the “sextremes” you will have been exposed to on 21 Sextreme. This exclusive network is like a hot potato that you want to swallow, but its burns you with all its delicious hot juices! Our Recommendation is that you simply swallow it and join this network!

Sex Art Discounts

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Today’s “object of desire” comes in the form a porn site by the name of Sex Art! Inside this wildly erotic porn site, you will see some lesbian, fantasy, solo, and hardcore niches that will send jolts of electricity all over your body. The material inside this site, apart from being some exclusive action, is also very well produced with certain flair of style and eroticism added to it.

Inside the site, there are clear directions of where you need to go to receive your dose of erotic action. The originality of the material inside cannot be disputed. And the creativity of the titles tells you something good is going to unfold right in front of your eyes! 

There is a section that contains various Sex Art updates. Among the tools you will have for searching material includes; searching according to most recent, type, categories, models, and so on. If you are hunting for something more specific, don’t worry since the advanced search engine can abet you in your endeavors. We love movies that come with some background songs suited to the type of movie you are watching. This is exactly what these guys have done. The background songs rhyme with the theme and the mood that the action is trying to create. Everything just fits perfectly like a filled-out jigsaw puzzle!

The fantasy action inside Sex Art will drive you nuts with its High Quality and erotic nature. You will be able to “walk” with the models when you get to the section that highlights their detailed information and bios. The best place to go looking for either of the above is the “Original Series Section” inside this site.

Porn Pros discount members can access all the 236+ scenes inside the video gallery. The High Definition mp4 downloads are awesome and streaming functions are available. The camerawork is something that these guys take seriously thus the great looking videos. Slow passion that builds into an erotic crescendo is the kind of action inside, unlike the harsh “in-your-face” hardcore on other sites. Any photos? Why yes there are! You get 323+ galleries of High Res loveliness that will make your eyes water with pure pleasure! The zip file makes saving these pictures easy. There is also some information about the models, performers, photographer, and interactive features for rating the action. 

The updating schedule is a bit of “Russian Roulette” since you sometimes get pictures and sometimes movies. You can never really tell which will come. What we can assure you is that 10 scenes have been added during the past month. In the “in-between days” when you aren’t receiving movies, you will be receiving pictures. That is how they want it, and that is how they have done it!

“Extras?” the Live Cam Area can be viewed as some extra material for you to enjoy. There are no bonus sites inside this babes porn site. That is about it for this wonderfully sexy site.

It’s not a question of whether you will enjoy the action or not, because we know you will! It’s basically a question of whether you are in the market for original, well-produced action, with elements of eroticism, romance, passion, lots of babes, and intimate porn. Sex Art is the best place to grab this kind of material, so check them out!

Dare Dorm Discounts

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dare-dormSomeone once asked me, “Hey, Pal. What do you think is the best way to earn money?” And out of a whim, I said, “Make a sex tape.” We gave it a good laugh and then suddenly we kissed each other. We were in my apartment, my best friend and I. After I pulled my mouth away from the kiss for a moment’s breathe, I dashed right into the kitchen, opening the fridge, drawing out my wine box filled with antique liquor.

When I came back to the living room my best friend was gone. But then a voice came calling me from my room. My best friend was there, naked, ready to roll. I dropped the wine box and then we had sex. My best friend was a girl, so don’t get me wrong. Ah, the perks of being a college, the independence and all the sex you can get. That is why I really love this whole Dare Dorm thing!

The Dare Dorm discount is one hell of a naughty offer. When I told my best friend, who apparently became friends with benefits with, about the whole make a sex tape thingy, that was actually true. And this whole Dare Dorm site, its contents are actually from college students who created their own sex videos just so they get paid with cash.

The great thing about it is that all the contents seem to flow naturally like Team Skeet does because people don’t adhere to scripts. They simply tell their friends hey I need to buy some expensive materials for this project and then they go okay let’s do some porn and submit it to Dare Dorm. Without any misgivings they do so for the reason that it’s fun and that they make money out of it. Who doesn’t want that, right?

One of the things I love about Dare Dorm is that it doesn’t focus on quantity, but rather the quality. There are over 103 videos in the site which so continue to grow on a daily basis. Everything is set to high definition and all the contents are downloadable. You get the membership too just for the low price of 9.95 dollars. So, go get it, tiger!

Wicked Pictures Discounts

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wicked-pictureswicked-pictures-discountIt’s been a long time since I’ve ever experienced the glory vintage type of porn brings. When you say vintage, it is with the way that everything is taken, the videography has this old school cinematic aura, and the people in it are acting rather without any inhibitions. After all, the vintage era began during the first liberal regime. Anyways, going back to the first statement, it’s actually one of the best websites you would have ever gone through in your entire life. It’s one that really lives by its name. It’s called Wicked Pictures.

Going by the name of the site, anybody could draw a lot of assumptions as to what the premise of it would be. Some would think that it’s one of those sadist porn sites where women are entrapped while gagging a cock or it could be that few women are in an orgy full of men. But no, that’s not what it’s about.

Wicked Pictures actually does not have those kinds of content. They say wicked by means of porn content that are explicit in the most pleasurable and humanistic way. Though sometimes, they may seem like animals with the guys fucking the girls from aback, but that’s still one of the fortes we have, don’t we? You know, doggy style. Another highlight of the site of course is its vintage/classical style of filmography and wicked pictures discount which really makes a great appeal to drive more people into delving deeper into its receptacles. 

This porn site is actually quite a massive one. But it does it in the most effective fashion. You see how a lot of sites fail in delivering substance because of focusing on quantity. Wicked Pictures injects its database a bulk load of porn content, but amazingly it is able to retain the quality and structure of its design. It continues to live by its premise with over 3000 plus high quality videos and over a thousand photo sets that each contain at least 70 pictures. On a more plus point, you can download all you want. All you have to do is subscribe for $9.16 a month. Enjoy!

X Art Discounts

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Only $9.95 for a 30 day membership



Everything in this world is an art. Humans are an art. The monkeys are an art. We used to be monkeys, we used to be a different kind of art. The world and the universe are one single art. We are all one in a vast expanse of a portrait. Even sex in an art. Wait, what? But nope, I’m not taking that back. After 22 years of existence in this world, I have experienced so many things, I have lost my virginity when I was 18 and I continued to fuck for five times after the first encounter. The reason it went on more and more, I was able to find beauty in sex apart from its mere sexual pleasure. I’ve lived for its profundity during those moments. The X Art discount is something that surely seconds my sentiments. 

Why do you keep asking? Why don’t you just come visit the site and know it for yourself. Just kidding. I came here for a review that will tell how X Art is something that depicts the artistic form that is to be found in sex. First, let’s look at its perspective on things.

There’s a man and a woman, this is the common formula for sex, disregarding the homosexual encounters. What they do is resonate with each other in bed. But this does not come out naturally, they have to act appropriately so their rhythm goes along together, well enough for them to be in the state of resonation. If you’re keen enough to look at the contents of X Art, you will realize how all of these are embodied in every video. 

How does 417 high definition videos sound? What more if it’s only for 19.95 dollars a month? Yes, that’s true. The package runs at the commensurate. On top of that, there are also photo sets that you’d wish you’d have seen in the past so your life would have been complete at an earlier time. Nevertheless, X-Art is an exceptional porn site and it has everything covered from top to toe in the name of sex as an art.

College Rules Discounts

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Sometimes, I wish I could just drop out of college and just get a job in a Starbucks. This was what I always thought about before… until something really good happened during college. I was so depressed one night and a collegiate of mine saw it through the projection of my reticent countenance. What a perceptive bastard, but I continue to appreciate his notice of me. He told me about this gathering they were gonna have in a dorm and when I saw the address I recognized it to be a girls’ dorm. Since then, my life has never been the same in the awesomest of ways. College Rules is always there to remind me of that day. 

College Rules is the symbol of the real college experience. If you think college is all about school and learning and all those kind of robotic stuff, then you’re wrong. College is supposed to be fun, it is a chapter of your life where you are to realize that work is better when it is paired with the element of fun. It’s a matter of balancing thing, that life will always ever be a balancing act. That is what College Rules is all about, drawing the beauty in college or at the very least, make you realize how important college is to the life of everybody and that those who can afford it should take it to their advantage.

One thing I’m sure of is that you will get the best out of the $29.95 you will have to spend for your first month of subscription. Originally, the site had 88 authentically recorded college sex videos, ranging from dorm orgies to romantic couples and all the good stuff you could think of.

The college rules discount site has been updating since its creation and has now widened its database to over 100 plus. Each video runs from 10 to 25 minutes, so you won’t be cut short and get more time for the ultimate ejaculation. There are also 88 picture sets, each packed with the most extravagant college sex photos of all times. The best part, after the first month, you will only have to pay for 7.50 a month. Awesome!

Playboy Plus Discounts

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playboy-plusWhen it comes to porn is there any name out there that is more famous than the Playboy brand? Everybody knows about it and indeed most people will have seen it at some point and they are now taking advantage of the popularity of watching porn online with Playboy Plus.

What is the site all about?

Playboy Plus is all about softcore porn, so if you are expecting full penetration, then you are going to be disappointed. Instead, it is more about the beauty of the naked woman and the way in which it is shot just adds to how amazing they look. You can expect soft lighting, dreamy backgrounds, and basically a site where the content is as glossy as you can get.

Is it not boring without any hardcore?

Obviously if hardcore sex is your thing, then you are going to hate this website, but if you can appreciate just the naked female body, then this is right up your street. The fact that they also have shoots that include famous women is just an added bonus and who doesn’t want to see the likes of Stacey Dash naked?

To say that this website is crammed full of content would be a major understatement. With your Playboy Plus discount pricing membership you get access to more than 6000 photo sets, which contain an average of 20 pics per set, as well as over 6000 video clips averaging five minutes each. All of this content also needs a good navigation system and Playboy have come up trumps here as well as getting around the site is very easy to do.

Playboy have made their name from quality content and Playboy Plus is certainly no different. They update daily, always have fresh faces, and overall this is a site that should be an absolute must for the softcore, female body lover.

Digital Playground Discounts

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Only $17.95 for a 30 day membership

and just $10.00/mo. for a one year subscription


digital-playgroundWhen I register as a new member on a site, I am totally fussy when it comes to quality and content. The site can offer me tons of footage, but I lose interest if it is not up to my fussy standards. This is why I enjoy Digital Playground.

A Perfectionist Kind of Site

I give the whole site, outlay and graphics a full 10/10 for a good quality production. The layout grabs one. It will quite simply show you what is inside and they do deliver. There are over 2340 videos in the content section and these will span over every kink and genre that most people will look for on a site. There are also, not surprisingly nearly 500 award winning movies. This speaks of professionalism and a touch of perfectionism.

So What’s Inside

Okay, so let’s look at what the turn on is when you buy into Digital Playground. First of all the women are absolutely gorgeous. This alone, will keep your eyes hooked on the content. Next up is the great angle shots of them being fucked. A lot of the shots are POV style, which in a way is the only way. We want to feel as though we are there being sucked or fucked by these beautifies, or what is the point? The variety is also awesome.

If you have ever got a hard-on for a hot woman in a gym, you will enjoy scenes are fit chicks getting banged. If you want to watch a woman pressing her generous tits against a glass shower as she screams in delight, you will find it here. Threesomes, anal, lesbian and naughty nurses all come together in a delight of X rated hard core porn you will definitely fall in love with.

There are 2340 hot videos all in HD perfection, near 2000 galleries to mooch over when you are bored. Weekly updates that surely go through quality control before being released. The content is exclusive, which does help. There is nothing worse than paying for something then seeing it somewhere else for free. The digital playground discount ensures you pay less and see more. There is no downloads because the flash streaming is so fast and so fantastic you won’t want to bother with the downloads.

A professional outfit that in the time I have been doing reviews on it, has grown in leaps and bounds. They don’t play around with members and deliver what they say they will. The pricing is right and with so much variety it is doubtful you will ever venture off anywhere else

Twistys Discounts

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Only $19.95 for a 30 day membership

and just $7.95/mo. for a one year subscription


twistystwistys-discountThere are actually 2 video updates in Twistys and if that is not enough to get you excited then I don’t know what will do the trick. This network has improved a lot since it was last reviewed 5 years ago and there is no doubt they will continue to do so since the makers of this site are really interested in making this monster site a masterpiece which is good news for all of us porn fans all over the globe.

There are 6475 movie clips here on Twistys and they can be streamed on an embedded player. They can also be downloaded through a lot of formats including two MP4 formats, Quicktime and Windows Media. Each video is usually around 13 minutes long and that is enough time to get hard, jack off then cum and repeat the process all over again. There are 16620 photo sets and they can all be saved in a Zip file so you can view them the next day or the day after that if you don’t feel horny the next day.

These girls are so hot that they will make you horny even if you are not feeling horny. There are 100 pictures in each set and all of them are in high resolution. 

The navigation here is a breeze as there is a menu bar containing the latest updates on the site and when it was put there. Twistys is one site you can’t dare pass up as there is even a models page where you will see all the girls who perform here. There is a short biography there and a link to all of their photos and videos. I just wish there was a bit more information on the models but we came here to see her naked anyway.

There is also a forum here where you can start a topic or reply to existing topics with other Twistys discount members. This is more than just a porn site as it is also a community where members can interact with each other and have fun at the same time.

EvilAngel Discounts

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Only $17.95 for a 30 day membership

and just $7.45/mo. for a one year subscription


evil-angel-discountevil-angelEvil Angel is a website coming from the makers of a production company of the same name. They have been making porn for a long time so they know how to get a cock hard right from the start. There are 8720 full movie clips here and they can be streamed on an embedded player or downloaded through several options including MP4 and WMV.

Each EvilAngel clip has an average of 25 minutes which is enough time for one guy to bring out his cock from his underwear then jack it off until it produces some jizz. It is one process that really energizes most men and you can’t blame yourself if you do it several times in one day. There are 90 porn stars here and you can use that option to sort out all the content here. The porn here is awesome and it makes the cost of membership worth it as you don’t have to go looking for another porn site to satisfy your cravings for a long time.

There are 3768 galleries here and all the pictures are in high resolution which means the girls exposing their nice bodies are crystal clear. From the looks of the tour, it looks really good and it won’t be long before the actual website impresses you in all aspects of the site. There is a bunch of nasty subjects covered in this site including ass to anal and ass to face and even some trannies are thrown into the mix. You will certainly see a variety of topics in this site.

The navigation of EvilAngel is a piece of cake since you can sort through the content in a number of ways including DVD title and director. They have provided numerous search tools so you would not have to waste time searching for the video you want to masturbate to. You will spend less time doing that and more time enjoying seeing chicks naked and getting banged hard from behind. Overall, the EvilAngel discount is just amazing and there is no doubt every porn fan would love it when they become a member here.

Playboy Tv Discounts

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and just $9.99/mo. for a one year subscription


playboy-tv-discountplayboy-tvPlayboy Tv is the attempt by the magazine franchise to get with the times and start featuring some actual sex in order to spruce up their image. After all, nobody wants to look in a magazine forty times a month and still see nothing new.

That is why they have unveiled their new project which is, in all honesty, softcore at best. While they do have some of the most famous and talented models on their payroll, the problem is that these women are models, not serious porn actresses. You will see them naked on Playboy Tv, and perhaps they will act in one of the unique videos that they show on the site, but when you get right down to it, there is no good sex to be found. They have documentary type shows that will give you a great background on the big players in the industry, as well as some of the more busty ones as well, but it lacks the depth that they need to capture an audience.

One point that, must be conceded in their favor is the fact that they still have the market cornered on brand new celebrity nude pictures that are tastefully done. However, they do not feature any of the accidental nudity or sex tapes that these individuals have made. For the most part this is like a cable news network that is based around the Playboy name, and there is a whole lot that you can come away speaking positively about this site.

If you are still looking to join they have all different kinds of subscription methods since it technically acts as though it is an app and not so much of a network. For a full subscription over a year, you will end up paying just about ten dollars a month after applying the playboy tv discount which is a fair amount, but again, do not expect to be surprised by anything that you find on this site.

Overall, this is the average form of adult entertainment that most people consider Playboy Tv because they want to see the porn, and not the fluff.

Bangbros Discounts

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Only $14.95 for a 30 day membership

and just $9.95/mo. for a one year subscription


bangbros-discountbangbrosUnless you have spent the last ten years living under a rock, then you have heard about Bangbros. They are one of the largest providers of adult entertainment in the entire world. That being said, many people simply look at their material as a joke, and it is often used as such in the same way that other people condescend the industry.

First and foremost Bangbros has one of the very best setups when it comes to their website. The top of the page is splashed with some of the very best videos and new features that they have on the site. They usually have a featured video that is made to turn heads and get you clicking to find out more. They have a whole bunch of models on this site that have starred in their three thousand different videos. At the very last count they had featured over one thousand and two hundred different models on their site. While not all of it is exclusive, for the most part it is kept in the Bangbros family of sites. That is another big draw and positive aspect of joining this site: you gain access to all of their exclusive sites when you become a member of their main site.

Another great reason to join with the Bangbros discount is that they have a great deal of unique content. Not only do they have the basic amateur porn, but they also have the really hardcore stuff that helped Bangbros reach the upper levels in the adult entertainment industry. One of the other reasons that you should consider joining this site is that they shoot all of their videos in the latest form of high definition, and even have remastered some of their old work for the purpose of having a streamlined base level of quality.

If you are looking to join this site, and by now you should already be reaching for your wallet, then you will need to pick on of their many plans to suit your needs. They have cheaper plans for people who do not want full membership, and they also have deals for people who decide to join the site in the longterm. Overall, Bangbros is one of the most exciting adult entertainment sites on the internet today.

Mofos Discounts

67% off Mofos Discount


Only $17.95 for a 30 day membership

and just $10.00/mo. for a one year subscription


mofosmofos-discountMofos network is back with a bang, although technically, they always had that “bang” factor. What they have done is to increase the level of teens banged, quality, make the network slicker and functional, and come up with more stuff for their members.

Had it been another network, they might have started resting up and slowing down once they had given their members the material they had. This particular network, which only made its entrance into the game last year, has not topped tweaking and changing stuff so that they can have the best possible version for their members. This commitment (to always bring the best) has seen them excel in the teen and coed porn niches.

They haven’t stooped here. Mofos has attacked other niches like milfs, big dicks, interracial and gang bang just to make sure that there is versatility and diversity inside the network. And for all their efforts they have managed to come with, 1) 8 individual premium sites, 2) 751+ photo galleries with a set having 200 pictures, 3) wmv, mpeg, flash, iPod/psp video formats, 4) 1146+ thirty minutes (or more) videos.

The various sites you can find inside include MILFS LIKE IT BLACK, IN GANG WE BANG, REAL SLUT PARTY, PERVS ON PATROL, among others. We hate networks that have all those pop up advertisement that are annoying and distracting. Thankfully, this amateur mega porn network does not suffer from this disease. The layout is clean with everything in its right and proper place.

The homepage on the network shows all the various updates that have come during the week. The current schedule says that updates come every 4 or 5 times weekly. This network takes a lot of pride in providing its members with a lot of quality videos. 

The enticing mixture of gals featured inside means that things are going to get kinky very fast. There are relative unknown gals who have amazing sexual stamina and famous starlets with young tight teen like holes and bodies. And even though the Mofos discount site likes saying the gals are real teens and amateurs, some of them look a little too well trained to be real amateurs. But that is neither here nor there, the superior quality of the material will have you forgetting about everything and just zoning in on hardcore smut action.

As for the production style, there are a lot of POV movies and “peeping toms” who watch gals-on-gal action or spy on wives and girlfriends. There is no doubt in our minds that this network will leave you satisfied and that you will come back for a second, third, fourth, and fifth serving of what this network is cooking. They are that good and so is their material. With the third party feeds, the bonus area, the model index, live cams, and other features, Mofos network is looking strong, incredible, exciting, and worth joining.

Brazzers Discounts

75% off Brazzers Discount


Only $17.95 for a 30 day membership

and just $7.95/mo. for a one year subscription


brazzersbrazzers-discountBrazzers network is well known in the porn industry circles for being an exceptional provider of porn. The high volume of material that this network has pumped out over the years has given them a huge following. Let’s look at what makes this network elite and whether there are any changes you need to be aware of. 

First of all, this network has revamped its layout and thereby changed the general “feel” of the network. They have always had a nice professional and very appealing network. What they have done is to tweak some areas so that search features and usability functions are easier to use.

They have increased more java features on their network so that the whole structure looks more coherent and modern. You can check out the material inside and sort it according to title, date, and rating. Thanks to the various previews available, you can sample “soon to be released” material to help rave up your sexual enthusiasm. 

The nice selection of variety inside the network is amazing and highly entertaining. This network has built its solid reputation by providing its members with huge amounts of quality smut hardcore action. They have around thirty individual sites that are spectacular. They have sites that have big asses, big tits, big pricks, and various other niches.

When we look at the videos provided by the Brazzers discount network, new members will receive 5002+ scenes where most of the videos will run for thirty minutes. The way the videos are filmed also displays a lot of creativity and professionalism from the producers. There is also a nice consistency as you move from site to site and from video to video. 

Along with the mp4 and the wmv videos, you also receive HD quality material that is sparkling and beautiful to stream or download. The older material is good quality, unfortunately, it’s just not HD quality. To go together with the movies you receive 1200 models and 5002 picture galleries.

The gals featured here are the biggest stars in the business. This network is all about doing everything “big” and loud so expect to see “big” name performers and “big” name directors. The network is a sort of brand, where you know whatever they are selling is going to be impressive, beautiful and of the highest caliber. 

The updates are big and come in on a weekly basis. For some of the Brazzers sites the updates do not happen so quickly and so frequently. Still there is new material across the network each week to keep you horny and entertained. There are “extras” with thousands of scenes from various production houses, all good quality HD stuff.

No one can really come up with a convincing reason why you should not join Brazzers network. We can’t and you also can’t. They are not only world class, this porn network is world leading when it comes to hardcore pornstar porn. Check them out.

Naughty America Discounts

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Only $9.95 for a 30 day membership

and just $7.95/mo. for a one year subscription


naughty-america-discountnaughty-americaWho said Americans were puritanical, moralistic, sexually dysfunctional people? Whoever they were tell them to check out Naughty America. This is where you see America laid bare, yes, the pun was intended!

This X Biz and AVN award winning site got its great name from time in the market and delivery of the dirtiest scenes ever filmed for pornography gratification. Here, hot wives, smutty girlfriends, kinky mom’s, sex teachers and pretty much anything else you can think of are all part of a normal day.

Whenever you are horny you can stream, download or just perv over the 5000 plus horny photographs and scene captures. Whether it is your friends mother you are fantasizing over, or the teen next door you will get relief at Naughty America, since really, they know how you think and can deliver.

When you join via our link or our buddies at www.naughty-annabel.com you get access to over 39 sites. That is a great deal, since with a lot of sites these days you get one site and very little content. The amazing thing too, is that Naughty America keeps on updating everyday! This is what has kept them in the top 10 porn sites in the world.

Every genre is covered, every kink and fetish. You might even find some new ones once joining! The models are hot and so varied you will never for one instant be bored.

If you crave POV style crystal clear close ups of a cock banging a wet glistening pussy, nipples tightening and creasing with pleasure, you won’t be disappointed since the quality of this site will blow you away.

Natural tits, fake tits, small perky ones and balloons are showcased in various moments of sheer slow motion bouncy fucking. Tight asses, full asses, jiggling asses they are all here. Blonds, brunettes, redheads and every ethnic group you have ever hankered after are available for your perving pleasure.

There are great navigation tools within the site including ‘porn finder’ the porn-stars neatly alphabetically arranged, new content, genres and more. Mousing over the various sections of the page will ask you where you want to go.

If you simply just want to try it out for a bit, then check out the Naughty America discount packages. There are a few trial packages that are really appealing and then when you do join you will feel comfortable with the very cheap yearly subscription.

You cannot fault a site that stays in the top ten year after year. The content is so massive you would never get to see it all and anyway it is updated regularly. The girls are freaking hot and some of the most well known porn-stars hang out here. There really is not a negative to joining a site like this is you love hard-core fucking.

Reality Kings Discounts

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reality-kings-discountreality-kingsIf you are anybody or anyone when it comes to porn surfing, then you already know that Reality Kings are so called because of the great site they offer. Having to do a review for such a well known site is daunting since most of you know already that this site ‘rocks’.

Having said that, being a member of Reality Kings is a bit like a lifestyle choice. That means that you have access to horny, sexy and kinky chicks 24/7. That you never have to feel frustrated with your current sex life ever again and that you get exactly what you are craving right there and then.

Lets have a look at what is inside of RealityKings that makes it what it is. The King of porn.

When you join a site you need to have some check lists or deal breakers as I call them. For example: the stuff I am paying for better be exclusive. On this score I definitely give Reality Kings a big ‘check’. There is nothing worse than joining a site and paying for stuff then you see it all over the net for free. This wont happen here. The content is fully exclusive. The content is so massive that you would suspect this might happen but it does not. Nearly 8000 scenes spread over both the main site and bonus sites, makes this site a winner. It is more of a porn hub than a simple membership. The bonus sites and main site total 37 which is a lot of porn.

Next, you want quality, both quality in delivery, photography, filming and customer care. This is all at RealityKings in abundance. The might drop half a point simply because they have been around for over a decade and some of the footage is not HD. This is standard though for obvious reasons for sites of this magnitude and content. So, I would only drop the score 1/4 of a point!

Is the navigation good? There is nothing worse than getting wave dumped when you are surfing for a moment of pervishness. Content has to be easy to find, easy to search and easy to enjoy. A full 10/10 with the Reality Kings discount on this score. The content as mentioned before is massive so they have made sure it is easy to find what you are looking for. Whether you feel like jerking off over a blond, a brunette, a transsexual, or a classy book worm, you will be able to find it in seconds. Now, that is service!

I have run out of space for this review. So, to summarize. Reality Kings is a staple in the world of Pornography. That means dedication to client service, hot sexy models that are dirty and ready to fuck at any moment you are and easy to find exclusive content that will drive you wild every time you get into the pleasure zone. That is a lot more titivating than for the average sex life! So, if you are looking to spice up your sex life, go and look at some of the free videos now! I reckon you will never turn back.

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hustler-discounthustlerHustler comes from the same company that gave you the highly popular magazine that is in the same level as Penthouse and Playboy. They have brought together porn from 19 sites as the sites were divided into specialty sites and main sites. The specialty sites were named that way because they concentrate on only one niche whether it is dirty college girls wanting to explore or some mothers wanting to suck some nasty cock.

Since it is a huge network, the usual thing of some sites not updating while the others update regularly but that can be forgiven as long as the content is nice. The nice Hustler total is 3305 photo sets and 9816 scenes. It is too bad there is no advanced search engine so you just have to use the basic search as that is more than a fine option. It also has a limited trial but it provides enough reason to join the site.

You got the ability to save favorites in this site so you can come back to them the next time you visit and jack off right away and green with the Hustler discount offer. Sometimes, we are in the mood to jack off right away and your favorite videos will make your cock hard faster than you can say your name. It won’t be long now before you will be able to blow off some cum. The photos can be saved in a Zip file for later viewing. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to let others hear your opinion because you won’t be able to leave comments.

You can also choose to stream the movies in an embedded player. They have improved the quality of the website by a lot these past few years and there is no question they will continue to do so in the coming years so Hustler is one site that is worth keeping. The newer additions give you HD footage from MP4 and Windows media files which makes it clear.

Met Art Discounts

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met-artmet-art-discountMet Art is one of the most original porn sites and critics say it is right up there when it comes to quality as well. They have a steady update schedule with 4 to 6 new updates everyday. There are 250 photographers and these guys range from professionals to tacky amateurs who want to learn the ropes.

There are 2764 models and these girls love exposing their beautiful bodies which is great for us guys. The Met Art models are from all over the globe so don’t be surprised if you see a girl from the other side of the planet. A majority of the girls are from Europe and they are usually 18 to 23 years old. They are not limited to Europeans though as you will also see Latinas, Canadians and Americans mixed in there. They all have one thing in common and that is they all have nice slender bodies. The photographers know what they need to do in order to make the model comfortable during the entire photo shoot. They know they have to adjust the lighting and setting so it is going to be unique.

The girls here on Met Art are all natural and they don’t need any type of surgical enhancements in order to make their body look good in front of the camera. They are confident with what their bodies look because they worked hard in order for it to look that way.

There are 12500 galleries and they can be downloaded in several options. They are in high resolution shots which make them crystal clear and that is something most sites don’t offer their members. They have 1043 movies and you can choose to download them on several options including the 1080p option. You can also choose the MP4 option so they can be downloaded in your portable device. If you can’t wait for the download time then you can also stream it in the flash player that was provided.

There is no doubt your cock will get harder than a motherfucker when you head over to the Met Art discount tour page. You will find out the girls are prettier than any girl you have ever seen and you are going to get more than what you bargained for so sit back and enjoy the ride.